simile for shit,crap (or any other label for feaces)
"how Fucken chat was that pie the bitch baked"
by TheRadioStillSucks May 17, 2003
A gathering of individuals for the purposes of smoking marijuana.

See also: Service Huddle
Let's get together for a little chat later on tonight.
by Big Mike D. January 28, 2005
Slang for 'vagina'

"Hay, me and my bf had a REALLY good chatting session yesterday."
by Sabiera July 10, 2008
Originally used by soldiers (British) in the First World War. A chat was a slang word for body lice. Soldiers often used to gather in groups to communally de-louse themselves. Of course this was a social situation and soldiers said that they were "chatting."
Bob was chatting with his friends when he died.
by Johnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn February 22, 2007
When 'something' or 'someone' is annoying, stupid, bad
"Hey, did you hear that Sam cheated on Julie?"
"Oh my god, that is so chat!"
by mandy b September 15, 2005
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