1. a drink taken after drinking alcohol, especially water

2. guard, especially a prison guard
I don't need a chaser when I take a shot anymore. I can deal with them just fine.
by The Return of Light Joker January 11, 2010
A gay man who is not a bear, cub, or otter (slim, hairy gay man), but is sexually or romantically attracted to them.
Mike is such a chaser - he spent hours today on craigslist, trolling for some papa bears in the men-seeking-men section.
by Skipster July 24, 2006
a second drink, usualy a shot (ie spirit without mixer) to be consumed with, or after (hence chaser) another drink, probably a pint of beer, or a long mixed dring.

contrast with a mixer, which is a (usualy non alcoholic) drink which is added to spirits to make them more flavourful, or less potent.
yeah thanks ill have another beer, and get some tequila chasers, its half ten and i can still stand up.
people who aren't attractive but who are interested in you. used to warn your friends discretely and to avoid them
look at the chasers to your left.
by Autumn Winter August 18, 2011
someone who is interested in someone but as soon as that person returns the feelings they dont have feelings for them anymore. ie. only interested when the other person isnt.
You are such a chaser, always putting so much effort into liking a guy and then as soon as they return your feelings you are completely turned off them. You only enjoy the chase.
by holacomoestais April 26, 2011
A Cure-All pill for you hangover that is loaded with caffeine and B12. It never works.
Shit man, I have a busting headache even though I took a chaser before I fell asleep.
by meplusurmom April 24, 2010
A substance that is mixed in with drugs during preparation before seller them on the street to not only weaken them but stretch the amount of drug available in order to be sold to more customers and make more money.
The buyer rarely has any way to measure how much drug they are actually getting, it also poses a threat because they could be getting more drug than used to in addition to dealers chasing with more harmful substances or other drugs like angel dust.
Heroin and cocaine have been known to be chased with crushed aspirin when sold in powder form since it matches, the buyer rarely has any way.

"She took the smack straight from the cooker without a chaser and overdosed."

by CI_grl March 24, 2008
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