a fart that follows you wherever you go after the release.
It is impossible to leave behind and move on.
i tried to fart before going into the elevator but too bad for the other guys, it was a chaser.
by moshko December 24, 2006
Short for ambulance chaser, used to refer to ill-regarded and generally immoral personal injury attorneys.
Chasers flock to birth injuries like flies to a tragedy.
by Magnanman August 03, 2005
A slim or in shape person who is sexually or romantically attracted to obese people. The term can be applied to both heterosexual and homosexual attraction. Also known as chubby chaser. Compare to fat admirer.
Jim had to admit he had become a chaser; when he entered the online dating scene after his nasty divorce, he found he could only get hard with he looked at the profiles of BBW.
by A. Hick July 24, 2006
when the blunt is rolled shitty and it starts burnin down the side
damn kid, this dutch is chasin like a motha fucka. learn to roll
by BC money shot June 09, 2005
A unusually high pitched squeak fart after a long drawn out bellowing beauty.
That was a crazy chaser you let out.
by Carter October 26, 2004
redneck who generally resides in a john deere tractor smoking marlby lights
chaser is drunk in the tractor again
by cooter john February 01, 2004
The second text when you send the same text message twice because both of you send messages at the same time and the line ties up because you were busy doing something else
I can't understand what she's saying, she keeps sending chasers with all her messages!
by Ricardo Ortiz August 08, 2008
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