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To suffer from censorship
His/her entry in the Dailygammon forum was charred due to it's questionable nature
by There is only one Amber February 08, 2008
To get rediculously high.
Drew: Hey, did you see Colin the other day at school?
Alex: Yeah man, he was so charred
Drew: I know, i dont even get why he would do that before school
by ef tee dub August 29, 2009
When an individual usually a plebian, screws you or your bros; and or some one makes fun of another individual relentlessly
Some freshman girl came to the party tonight and charred us, she drink all the beer threw up everywhere And left early without even popping a tit,
by GGwellplayed April 03, 2015
Describing somebody who smokes. Derived from the nature of their smell.
I didn't realize that Karl was charred, until I found his ciggarettes in his dresser..
by Roseline May 17, 2008
verb: "Charred" is when some one is roasted so hard they can still feel it the next day or few days. If you have a roast session, you could "char" some one.

adj: Some one is "Charred" if they fit the definition above.
Billy: What happened to Todd?
Susie: He was roasting some one but they had the best comeback I've ever seen! He's charred but he'll be fine soon.
by MyManDev July 05, 2016
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