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so undescribably lame that it hurts
that is SO charlton
by Tad January 05, 2004
60 100
Love of my life, alas lost.
I think of Charlton nearly each day and wish I'd made a different choice.
by BEAUTY May 16, 2003
116 41
the best club south of the Thames. They look down to low levels like palace and have got one of the best managers in the premiership.
-how did charlton do today?
-they sent palace down to the championship!!
by cafc luva June 22, 2005
46 39
a weak and poor imitation of crystal palace. the british government used to send convicts to australia, now they make them watch charlton
"daddy, daddy why do people support charlton"

"i dont know son. probably for the same reason people commit suicide"
by god February 24, 2005
47 99
A bunch of women that will never, have never been able to play fooftball who are better at sucking gary's titch nob than kicking a ball.
Who's that crap team out there?
Well, the most crap team in the world.
OH, charlton.
Well DUR!
by ANDATOLIP June 18, 2003
35 93