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9 definitions by Tad

to pilfer, to take something that one perceives as off-limits, especially as related to food or beverage consumption.
I totally snarfed those cookies you left on the table.
by tad December 23, 2004
When a woman has breast implants and her nipples become extremely large, and become puffy
Rachel had a boob job last month, and damn man, she got some muffin tits.
by TAD March 04, 2005
n. The quality or state of dog; sloppy.
*see sloppy dog, sloppy dog bomb ass head
"The mintocity of it enabled new schools of thought on saliva."
by Tad January 21, 2008
Variant of "sloppy dog bomb ass head".
"Give me sloppy dog"

"Last night she went down and gave me sloppy dog"
by Tad January 14, 2005
Meaning that you/it is HORRIBLE!
Man...that nigga is garbage
by TAD October 05, 2004
Means to give oral sex to the male penis. This does not include any other foreign objects.
"I forced that bitch to give me sloppy dog bomb ass head."
by Tad January 14, 2005
A misspelling of the actual word "Clique"
Man, I wish I knew how to spell. Sometimes I don't spell things correctly like when I write "clik" instead of "clique".
by tad February 03, 2005