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5 definitions by ANDATOLIP

Batman's super, more cool, hip dee dee hop, outrageous, better, more dudeful sidekick.
Where's batman?
Who cares, heres THE BAT OF ALL MEN!
No, that is a bat on a poster of a naked ma.. EUGHH!
by ANDATOLIP June 18, 2003
2 6
Absolutely nothing, like gary's brain!
What's in your pants Gary!
Diddly Sqwatt!
by ANDATOLIP June 18, 2003
6 11
Someone who kisses lots of ass and then licks his lips just to get the crap that he missed off his face so no one will suspect.
Joshua Breckman
by ANDATOLIP June 18, 2003
51 58
If you're one of those dudes who wants your child to not only be CALLED homo...but its INITIALS to be H.O.M.O...you'll do it for the team... ;)
Mr Eko's real name is Homo Omo Momo Omo Jnr...he said it once but many thought he was talking bout his huge man nipples....NOT QUITE MY FRIENDS...
by ANDATOLIP June 14, 2006
7 23
A bunch of women that will never, have never been able to play fooftball who are better at sucking gary's titch nob than kicking a ball.
Who's that crap team out there?
Well, the most crap team in the world.
OH, charlton.
Well DUR!
by ANDATOLIP June 18, 2003
35 94