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a racial slur towards niggers
a combination of charcoal and darkie, use in place of...

negro, Smigger, Shitskin, nigger, jigaboo, niggaboo, Raisinhead, P.I.T(Perpetrator In Training.), Nitch, Nigress, Nigglet, Monkey, Meshky, Koolaid, Knuckle, Dragger, Justin Igger, Eight Ball, Coon, eggplant, Crispy, Cotton-Picker, Colored, coal train, Cheshire Cat, Chain Dragger, Camel Lips, Burr Head, Bumper Lips, Spook, spade, Blackie, Americoon, Africoon, Strange Fruit, Swamper, swinger, Porch Monkey.
when ever i watch COPS all i ever see is Charkies getting what they deserve
by YES WE KLAN November 16, 2008

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1. Alternate form of "turkey," especially when cooked in a microwave.
2. Alternate form of "tricky."
(3.) Sometimes used to express both meanings at once.
1. Can I have a charkie sandwich?
2. Stealing my sandwich was quite charkie of you.
(3.) You charkie sonofabitch.
by Charkee Boy December 31, 2004