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This one Has many meanings
1. some one who is extremely stoned
2. Wen u do funny/dumb shit under the influence of some kind of drug
3. It probly has others but these are the only two i kno
Guy 1. Oh man i had so much weed
Guy 2. Dude .. ur CHARGIN...gimme 5 adn pass me that shit
by Hunter (ted) February 22, 2004
When one is at the peak of a cocaine high. Typically used to describe the sense of euphoria and extreme confidence that accompanies cocaine usage.
Man, I've had a couple of lines of charlie and I'm fuckin' charging! I'm Charles in Charge!
by JayCee(theshhit.com) July 14, 2005
When two people lay anus to anus, thus creating a blast of cosmic energy.
I'm not into spooning anymore ... let's just do some charging instead.
by Blue Waffler August 21, 2010
To consume many cones from a bong containing marijuana in quick succession or short amount of time.
Guy: Hey bro! What's up? You been smoking?
Guy2: Yeah bro I've just been Charging!

Guy: Hey man come charge some cones with me!
by MabL August 17, 2011
When a person is charging someone,
the charger makes a move on their crush with the intent to gain attention from that person. This usually involves a lot of flirting and the goal is to have the feeling reciprocated by the chargee.
It is the precursor to hooking up/dating.
"Who does Jake like now?"
"He's definitely charging Natalie. Did you see the way he was all over her at that party?"
by oh dip! December 11, 2006