Meaning add it to this list of things people hate about your game
"Shes likes to gossip about me but she can just charge it to the game"
by Carly June 14, 2003
Top Definition
When something doesn't go the way you want it to or you do something wrong, and there is nothing you can do to change it. Don't worry about it. Just put it in the past or. . ."charge it to the game".
I lost 500 hundred at the casino last night! Oh well charge it to the game.
I cheated on Kim last night, I didn't mean to but it just happened. Oh well she will never know, charge it to the game.
by pimpjuice February 15, 2005
an expression used by a person when that person does not feel accountable for a certain chain of events or there is nothing one can do about a certain situation

similar to "chalk it up to the game"
"Say, I heard you cut up my girl and then straight skeeted in my favorite cereal bowl....."

"I don't know what to tell you....charge it to the game son"
by Hollywood February 10, 2005
a life learned lesson
i was tring to nail these sisters once, when they found out i got none, i had to charge that one to the game.
by mike lea February 10, 2005
Inspired by Silkk da Shocker's seminal 1998 album, "Charge It 2 Da Game", this became a colloquial phrase used around East Lansing circa 2006 when one wished to avoid compensating another for property damage. The philosophy is rooted in the idea that college is so much fun that a certain degree of property damage is inevitable. This phrase is typically employed by one whose good time caused so much collateral damage that the victim should simply understand that they will not be compensated for their loss. Rather, the loss should be considered an assumed expense of attending a major university.
Hey man I'm sorry I broke your table by dancing on it last night, charge it to the game I guess.
by Bistopher July 27, 2011
Charging it to the game occurs when one has accrued a great enough level (relative to the socioeconomic environment) of socioeconomic status that, without monetary compensation, goods and/or services can be obtained.
Bitch, get innythang you wan', 'n' i'll charge it to the game.
by Young DvD August 23, 2013
When something is purchased without the buyer having to pay for it. Typically these purchases are made with a credit card.
Friend 1: Daamn, that shit's expensive.
Friend 2: That's straight, (takes out parent's credit card), I'll just charge it to the game.
by bboy January 27, 2005
when you pay for something without having to pull out any money, i.e. by credit card, gift card, etc.
Paying for something on your student account.
Clerk: "How will you pay for this"
You pull out your ID to put it on your account.
Kevin: "Charge it to the game"
by Kevin and Leslie February 10, 2005
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