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When something doesn't go the way you want it to or you do something wrong, and there is nothing you can do to change it. Don't worry about it. Just put it in the past or. . ."charge it to the game".
I lost 500 hundred at the casino last night! Oh well charge it to the game.
I cheated on Kim last night, I didn't mean to but it just happened. Oh well she will never know, charge it to the game.
by pimpjuice February 15, 2005
1.) A man who is Phallicly Inclined.
2.) Man who has ability to do amazing things. Same meaning as prodigy/paradigm
1.) Man, he is like a horse. No, he is hung like Zayd.
2.) Man, that guy is like a prodigy of the caliber of mozart or einstein. I disagree he is even more amazing. He is a Zayd.
by pimpjuice January 26, 2005
Talking to someone alot on the phone or spending too much time with them
Chris was cakin' all night wit Ashley!
by pimpjuice January 27, 2005
A guy getting pounded in the asshole while he is taking a shit.
He jafalked me!
by pimpjuice March 28, 2003
Not another.
There better not be nearanutta ho up in this bittttch.
by PimpJuice April 10, 2003
A guy that does not have to ask for sex. It comes to him.
Damn Gary is a pimp, too bad his cousin is haggard!
by PimpJuice December 23, 2002
1. noun; person with a womanly car who thinks he can pick up the ladies in it
2. the act of sleeping on (or during) any occasion
3. the act of having a severe case of short term memory
1. "DamNN did u see that kid tryina pimp his sky blue for escort?? Man he's sucha saad"

3. "WHAT? *eyes pop out* im getting married today?? damn..i just pulled a saad"
by pimpjuice October 14, 2004

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