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A sexual act involving A.) The tip of a man's penis and B.) A female's lips. The act is performed while a man is ejaculating and simetaneosly rubbing his penis around her mouth, as if he were using a tube of chapstick.
Dude I was totally chapsticking that Tawanese hooker you call a sister last night. Her lips were glazed like a Krispy Kreme.
by Carstano July 10, 2006
Chap-sticking involves the act of taking out a man's phallus, and rubbing it around a woman's vaginal lips; similar to the act of applying chap stick on to one's dry lips.

Chap-sticking is primarily utilized as a coercion technique to covertly advance to insertion. It also serves as an evasive technique to avoid the question of contraceptives such as a condom.
Example 1: "Hey Keenan, did you have sex with that girl from the party?"

"Yeah, Steven told me about a great technique called chap-sticking. She didn't even notice till it was already too late."

Example 2: "Dude, how did you get out of using a condom?"

"I chap-sticked her and slid it in while she wasn't paying attention."
by Lompocsucks February 27, 2012
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