An Asian guy who is extremely talented, smart, caring, and unique. Someone who can make you laugh for no reason at all. He is the kind of guy you go to sleep smiling because of. A Chao is the kind of guy you want to see the world and do everything with, who you want to hug and never let go. A Chao makes you kind of want to believe in happiness again.
Friend: "What are you smiling about?"

Me: "Oh nothing. Just thinking about Chao."
by elsaleasing June 04, 2013
the fusion of light and darkness
or good and evil
chaos has unlimited power because the forces that fuse to create it are already the most powerful so fusing them would create a force unbeatable by anything else in existance
can also opose order
i call upon the powers of chaos to obliterate the forms of order in the universe
by Crazyd September 20, 2005
the absolute absence of order which is what bush is driving america to.
used to be the word to describe teenagers, currently it is how everything in the world is.
damn my whole life is in chaos
by Chaos DarkGod September 23, 2008
The last boss of the original Final Fantasy game.

Chaos is actually Garland, the first boss in the same game, who obsorbs the powers of the four Fiends of Earth.
Chaos: "Remember ME? You killed me 200 years in the future!"
by Frank Ruzzo March 14, 2005
1. One of the primal forces of the universe in the swords and sorcery fantasy stories by Michael Moorcock. The most popular of these stories is 'Elric of Melnibone', but there are others which form the a sort of meta-xlogy called the Eternal Champion saga. These stories way be the first contemporary source for the mythical notion of chaos found in heavy metal music, role playing games, anime, and computer games.

2. Chaos is one of the 4 primal alignment forces in the Dungeons and Dragons rpg universe, and is the opposite of Law. The other polar forces are Good and Evil. Chaotic creatures value individuality and freedom over discipline, order, society and tradition.
"That guy is chaotic evil."
"Naw, he's not evil. He's just chaotic."
by kia roach October 01, 2004
The state of mind when player an 8-player game of ScreenCheat.
After the new update, Screencheat has become chaos
by lolzmon May 03, 2015
Chaos, noun.

1. A powerful god, and guardian of the Chao in Sonic Adventure. He was imprisoned in the Master Emerald by Tikal after going on a rampage/killing spree.

2. A character in Xenosaga. Often confused with aforementioned character.
Chaos rose up, his liquidy body towering that of Sonic's. He said, "Let there be Chao". And there were many Chao indeed.
by Finalhazard Jones August 07, 2004

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