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A war fought between two factions of the same country. Does not have to take place in America in the 1860's.
The British also fough a Civil War.
by eat_lightbulbs November 18, 2003
the fresh maker
Mentos' fresh and full of life!
by eat_lightbulbs October 20, 2003
something that you should not eat
a book is not food
by eat_lightbulbs September 02, 2003
you farted.
The kid next to me cut one and we all laughed at him.
by eat_lightbulbs October 26, 2003
the driving force of the universe
chaos is the driving force of th universe.
by eat_lightbulbs November 18, 2003
a person that looks asian, but actually was not born in asia.
that guy looks asian, but he's really a 4th generation american.
by eat_lightbulbs November 19, 2003

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