a verb meaning cutting up your food and then blowing on it

to chan, channed, channing
Lisa: OMG yesterday I was channing my food and it dropped on the floor
Steve: Jesus, sucks, channing is a fine art and is difficult to master
Lisa: Tell me about it. Oh well, better than having a burnt tongue or something
Steve: True, true.
by masterchan May 16, 2009
Top Definition
a very cute boy who is really fun to be around. he sometimes acts like a five year old, but he probably treats girls the right way. as a very mature young man, he is talented in many areas. he is gifted and extremely loveable. this boy would have to be the highlight of every party.
I wish I could find a channing.
by gottabeme April 17, 2009
An inimitable man who may steal your heart. He has a passion for living and loving. This man makes an effort to improve himself. He is outgoing but also very private. He has a childlike way about him, learning and enjoying every moment. A channing is likely to be a man who seeks adventure and inspiration.

He loves music and listens to bluegrass and really knows how to dance :)

A man that if you fall in love with him, your heart will be forever his, even if your mind and body are forced to move on. A channing is kind and helpful and means no harm in his heartbreaks.

If you have the chance to be with one take it, it will be worth potential broken heart.
A trip backpacking through africa would be so channing

A man who loves with his heart and soul
by smash82 January 20, 2011
High as a mother fucker
I'm Channing
by Winesandcheese June 11, 2016
The most amazing girl in the entire world. She can make you hang on her every word. She is cute. Cuter than any other girl in existance. She is also sexy as hell. A huge turn on. Shes amazing in bed. The best sex you can have is with channing. She can make you smile when youre talking to her, regardless if there is anything so smile about other than being happy for having the chance to talk to such an amazing person. Basically, shes perfect.
Guy 1: Dude my girlfriend is so hott and perfect.

Guy 2: Sounds like a Channing
by Channing Lover March 02, 2010
Channing is a small town where the oulettes fly from down south in the spring to enjoy and get there food from the garabage dump. Channing is also known for its lake located in the middle of the town where also the oulettes go to feed on the fish. Channing is also a beautiful community filled with the gabors. The oulettes usally hang out out with the gabors in channing and using mating calls which tend to repeat.
Going to the garbage dump in channing
Channing. I grew up there good place good place
by workerboy September 24, 2011
verb. when someone constantly one-up people. & exaggerated on everything s/he does and says.
her: i got a new hat :)
him: well i got 3 beenies & a snapback the other day.
her: quit channing.

her: i've always wanted to go to hawaii
him: i go to hawaii every summer

her: your just channing
by thissapplesauce July 15, 2011
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