The act of extreme chaffing.
God damn, these new cordoroys are channing something fierce.
by Fritz A. Wollner September 28, 2005
A guy, who is a complete dick. Likes guys named Matt, and tend to hit on girls. When asked if they've seen the movie "Gay People Say No", he always responds with "No". Even when he understands the joke.

He has a girlfriend, but he just uses her as a walk-in closet.

He's also great friends with rapists, and enjoys sucking dick in spare time, just to make friends.
Amelia: Channings walking down my street
Me: hurry, throw some porn out there to scare the gay away!
by story telling foo January 19, 2009
A super horny girl that sweet talks her way into your backseat and smack your balls around like roody poo ass nigga. Likes to be on top, after which she'll beg you to do the White Dragon. Will usually drink until she can't stand up and might possibly throw up all over your belongings. Typically is challenged in bike riding!
Man, my roomate is such a Channing. Doo doo head dummy.
by Lindsey7777 March 01, 2008

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