derogatory name for a person of Asian descent; Derived from the term "chink".
chankers be havin dem slanty eyes.

chankers cant drive cause their eyes are all squinty and they always be eatin dat cat and rice.

by marque May 30, 2007
Top Definition
Any type of penis sore or blister which is caused by an STD.
I knew I had herpes when I found a chanker on my dick.

Why do you keep scratching your crotch? Do you have chankers?
by El Tonico June 24, 2005
He or She who chanks.

May be used as either an insult or compliment, depending on the context.
I said no pickles in my cheeseburger, you fucking chanker!

Thanks a lot for the cheeseburger, you beautiful chanker.

(At chankaholic's anonymous meeting)
Phil : My name's Phil and I'm a chanker.
All : Hi Phil
by big_heads June 16, 2009
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