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3 definitions by big_heads

He or She who chanks.

May be used as either an insult or compliment, depending on the context.
I said no pickles in my cheeseburger, you fucking chanker!

Thanks a lot for the cheeseburger, you beautiful chanker.

(At chankaholic's anonymous meeting)
Phil : My name's Phil and I'm a chanker.
All : Hi Phil
by big_heads June 16, 2009
3 1
Choking + Wanking

Having a Chank ... Chanking the chicken ...
"Charlie was cranky all day on account of a vigorous all night chanking session."

"Kill Bill fans were tonight shocked to hear of the horrific chanking death of David Carridine. Initial autopsy reports indicate that the movie star may have literally chanked his brains out."

"It's all TV dinners for me these days since the Mrs has discovered chanking!"
by big_heads June 16, 2009
7 11
Choke + Wank

See also: Chanking, Chanker

(Look up Autoerotic Asphyxiation)
Cor, blimey! Says here that Michael Hutchence died having a chank!
by big_heads June 16, 2009
8 14