Being drunk or under the influence of alcohol.
How chang are you right now?
I got so chang'ed last night I don't even remember getting punched in the face.
Man I have the worst changover.
by zdev January 15, 2010
Semen. , Or the word that you would yell after blowing your load on your womans stomach
"Get ready baby, I'm 'bout to CHANG!"

"why do you always laugh when you chang on me?"
by charlie chang December 22, 2009
A Small Asian dick that doesnt get punded enough due to its microscopic size
wow look at that mans penies, it must be a chang
by Efrau April 18, 2009
Cheap or cheapskate: Used primarily in Hawaii as an adverb for someone who is cheap. Derived from the common Chinese name and the stereotype that Chinese people are cheap. Similar to the Jewish stereotype.
That guy stay so chang, he won't even super-size his girl's value meal. He just tells her, "you can have some of mine."
by RMFG March 31, 2006
Another term for the illegal and moorish substance Cocaine...

also can be a beer served in thailand for like 80p its unregulated from 6%-8% pot luck really...sold over in england from some chinese supermarkets but alcohol content limited go 5%
Chang beer sponsors everton!
i.e " im gunna get some chang for this weekends rave...

how much chang do u want for friday night?
by Racie+ September 27, 2007
to get your chang on is the verb to eat any mexican or south american burito/chimichnaga like food.
Wendey go her chang on at lunch and had bad diaharea in English class.
by Mikey T G August 08, 2006
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