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to remove the inner "cancer paper" of a middleton black and mild cigar and reroll it without the "cancer paper".
yo man, let's champ that black and mild
by blacksabbath June 28, 2005
When one shakes a corked bottle of champagne and fires the cork inside a woman's vagina.
Linda loves it when Greg is champing her, especially if it's with a bottle of Moet.
by yakadak February 17, 2012
To go camping with a bottle of Champagne. Good times!!!
Lets go Champing I've nicked a bottle from my fokes drinks carbonate
by MylesTails October 24, 2009
Derived from 'camping', champing involves setting up tent in you or your friends backyard, eating meat cooked over a flame, pissing outside, and doing other manly activities. No broads may accompany the champers.
Dana thought she could go champing with the best of em, but she aint got no testes.
by BearfaceHalftoe April 24, 2007

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