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1. the state of being a champion 24/7
2. to be great and to do everything right
When there is no one better then you and you know you’re the top guy, then you’re champin.

Bro 1: Dude check out that guy over there with the hot ass bitch, yesterday he had another.
Bro 2: Fuck, I know. That kid gets puss…straight up champin.
by Oxford-Dictionary February 15, 2013
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When theres no one better then you, and you feel like the top guy. Then your CHAMPIN'!
Dude 1: Yo dude...your ex girlfriend is hot...I heard you were planning on getting back together with her?

Dude about to champ: Yeman...but I dunno shes not even talking to me anymore, I think Im gonna have to champ this one

Dude 1: Champ? whats that?

Dude currently champing: Hey ex GF! YOU LOOK LIKE SHREK!...thats champin' bro
by TheDaze May 11, 2012
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to be great and to do everything right.
Boy those storm payers are so good they are champin
by theK March 13, 2012
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To take a picture of yourself in the same posture as the legendary ecko champ.
I put my hat on at a silly angle, lifted my shirt a little, you know, just champin'
by ftj_admin April 12, 2006
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this is the act of drinking dubiously large amounts of champagne and then leaving the club with several sloppy women that probably dont even know your name.
person 1 dude what happened yesterday i cant remember a thing and there were 15 women in my house and a donkey!
person 2 chill out bro at the bar you were champin its cool.
by j a c k a $ $ December 26, 2011
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