An awesome rapper from Houston. He does the song ridin'.
"They see me rollin, they hatin, patrollin they tryn'a catch me ridin dirty, tryn'a catch me ridin dirty, tryn'a catch me ridin dirty, tryn'a catch me ridin dirty, tryn'a catch me ridin dirty." - chamillionare
by kcfkcfcv July 13, 2006
Top Definition
The evolved form of Charizard.
Huh? Charizard is evolving?!

Charizard evolved into Chamillionare!
by Miami13 September 03, 2006
born in houston, chamillionare dedicates his life to bring true hip hop and rap to the buisness.

his name comes from chamillion and millionare which explains his shiny reptile chain.

his other name which is more of a nickname is king koopa, mixtape messiah.
chamillionare's albums include:

the sound of revenge,

ultimate victory

and mixtape messiah # 1-7
by duke J October 12, 2009
one of da best southern rapperz, used to be with da swishahouse in da ccc "color changin click" also known as king koopa if it wasent for young buck he would be da best from da south
its da almighty king koopa, who dike jones, represent for Htown
by pimpineddie March 06, 2005
if you looked up the diffenition of 'wack' you would see this guys biography. this guy is blessed with beats by overrrated commercial producers. that's it. instrumentals are his worst enemy, not to mention anyone who can actually rap. let this guy die off, he's everything that hip hop is NOT. stop watching the tv, stop listening to the radio, read a fucking book, stop following trends, stop whoring yourself.
a year later: chamillionare who?
by JustaSomebody July 19, 2006
A really bad rap artist who cannot properly pronounce words.
His songs are not unique in any sense while at the same time not remotely entertaining. With ridiculously retarded lyrics and ear-breaking beats, Chamillionare, while a murdurer of everything decent, is still at large.
Chamillionare: "Ridin' Dirty!"
Me: "I do believe it is pronounced 'riding' you filthy idiot"
by lxlHaushinka March 28, 2007

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