A well known Erotica novelist in the Blink Chats. If you've not creamed because of her, then you've not come across her.
hornyboy1:Oh look, it's Chae!
hornyboy2:Dude my worm just evolved into a snake.
by denali January 08, 2005
Top Definition
The most amazing girl alive. hot, intelligent, also see elitest.
Chae will knock your socks off and win over your heart.
by K-Lizza January 08, 2005
A hottie from NY that I want to fuck over and over and over again until she passes out.
Chae is a girl that is really hot.
by [Airik] December 13, 2003
(1) Universal: the hottest and the cutest girl in the world
(2) the most powerful, talented or the sexiest girl within a particular group, place, or society.
Oh look at her! She's such a chae XD
I wanna be a Chae
by Poopeedoooo1234 December 21, 2011
Chae loves to spend her days on the ranch butt-fucking cows and sucking horse dick!!
Oh my god she is such a chae!!!
by luvpups January 11, 2016
Can be used as any noun.

Most common definitions are:

1. A slang terminology for a crackwhore

3. Any amount of crack

4. To be sodomized

5. The posterior opening of the butt canal

6. Something worthless and stupid; bullshit

7. Beyond believe or understanding
mina dont trip: i can get an 8 ball for 140 dollars
fake nose: man, i dunno about you anymore mina
fake nose: youre turning into a chae

You fucking chae!

Fuck that chae.

I took the biggest chae after school today.

Eat a chae and die.

Knife Extortion: Niggz textbook traitors - force fed voices
FistFightToDeath: chris that songs chae

Knife Extortion: Chris, I chaed your azn grandma
christ le album: chris
christ le album: that was chae

DrewspaBaranski: how chae of you

christ le album: so i fucked the chae
Knife Extortion: Did you fuck her in the chae or in the naly?

Knife Extortion: DUDE
Knife Extortion: You chaed CHAE herself?
Knife Extortion: Sick, fucker
by d$ January 19, 2005

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