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A 60-month loan used to purchase a high-priced vehicle that you cannot afford and have no intention of paying off. The lien will likely end in repossession.
"Tyrone has a gangsta lien on that new Escalade, but he doesn't even have a steady job. I doubt he'll have it for long."
by Denali June 21, 2012
A well known Erotica novelist in the Blink Chats. If you've not creamed because of her, then you've not come across her.
hornyboy1:Oh look, it's Chae!
hornyboy2:Dude my worm just evolved into a snake.
by denali January 08, 2005
n. Middle-aged man prying on young blink kid's drama. Borderline pedophile.
Hey look at that portismember! Are his lips chapped or does he want something to do with me?
by denali January 08, 2005
n. An explosive firecracker that seduces little boys in their dreams.
*Bang Bang*
hornyboy1:Oh shit what was that?
hornyboy2:OMG, it was Chronikki.
by denali January 10, 2005
n. also known as Corinne.

v. to sigh like a gorilla

adj. an overly mature teen with a nipple the size of a plate. resembles a mexij00, with jewish like features
fake nose and has purple hair.
Girl: -sigh-, you're not paying any attention to me.
Boy: Dude you just used yakuza tactics on me, guerilla style. Oh shit (runs)
by denali January 15, 2005
Also known as Kelly. Beware, she likes luring kids with her voice and pleasuring them. Her accomplice for such tasks involves pedophiliacs, portismember as well as necrophiliacs.
preteen:Hey eat his meat ate my meat!!
by denali January 08, 2005
When a fellow is caught in the act of frontin' because he can't play the game, he then gets `kicked to the curb`, being denied, exited out, `gtfo'd`.. d-nied{x}
1:hay d$, sups happenin?
2:oh you know, the usual. crushin'.
1:oh, she diggin' that guy again?
2: chea --
1: d - nied{x}
1: d - nied{x}
1: d - nied{x}
1: d - nied{x}
by denali August 20, 2005
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