Pronounced: Chaw-ch
A lifestyle of fake tans, over-priced, name-brand merchandise, big, eccentric hair (usually blonde), usually uses large amounts of makeup, tends to be very well groomed and keeps up with all the lastest trends.
A chach typically walks around like they own the place and are very obnoxious.
Non-chach's talk badly and gossip about chach's.
"well, somebody spends too much time looking in the mirror. What a chach."
by laura_spandex November 24, 2006
Derived from the word chooch, used as a derogatory insult towards people who are cheap and disliked by a vast majority.
Yo Fern, Calvin is such a chach, he made me pay for his ticket because he lost a grand in poker last night, hes starting to remind me of Jason.
by Bouss December 28, 2009
It can also be used in the context of "chachbag". A chachbag is someone who is convinced of being cool when in all actuality is the polar opposite. They tend to piss off and anger all those around them, making living with a chachbag one of the most difficult tasks in the world. Furthermore, a chachbag usually cannot make friends of his own age therefore causing him to look to younger adolescents for friendship (because they don't know any better). A chachbag is the single handed worst word you can use to describe a male human being. It also has references to strong tendencies of homosexuality and masterbation. A chachbag can be indentified when all his friends begin to hate him for his annoyance and homosexual behavior.
Wow, Jake is totally a chachbag.
by Military Proverb November 28, 2005
Slang for female genitalia.
Her skirt was so short, I almost saw her chach.
by Archegonia September 26, 2013
Deriving from the word muchacho, the word chach is an endearing term used to show affection towards someone you love.
Chach, I love you so very much.
by danigirl815 November 27, 2010
1) Faggots from Minnesota
2) People who have a receding hairline before the age of 21
3) People who think they are huge but, in actuality, have a bird chest
4) People who look like a gnome from the computer game World of Warcraft
Coach Osborn is a chach big time.
by SimpleButTrue November 02, 2010
a slick way of referring to a female's vag.
Girl: ..what?
Guy1: Oh, nothing! :'D
Girl: Kay! :D
by squirrelaidsftw April 04, 2010

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