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a word use in argentina that means "dude" or "guy"
che chabon, sos un idiota...
(hey dude, you're an asshole)
by boing! March 04, 2005
Argentinian Slang meaning Dude or Guy. Its origins are obscure, maybe originally it was the vesre version of "boncha", meaning "sloppy guy", "stupid", but since the 80s has this meaning.
Also maybe is a deformation of the mexican word "chavo", meaning "kid".
The female form is "chabona".
Este chabón es recopado (This dude is awesome)
by Samuel Vimes July 24, 2006
a person who desires an exteremly large ammount of deep dicking.
That girl is a real chabon.
by reggie October 23, 2003

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