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To have no ass at all
damn that girl has noassatall
pronounced na-sa-tall
by reggie August 13, 2003
What black people call the wind -- especially in Chicago.
Damn son, did you feel the hawk coming off the lake last night?
by Reggie November 24, 2003
chump. sucker. uncool person.
"What are you hangin' wit this BUSTER for, man?"
by Reggie June 24, 2004
Wild. Crazy.

Just as a dog would act if you let it off the chain.
Man, that party was OFF DA CHAIN last night!
by Reggie June 25, 2004
just a normal lady who was in a relationship that had its ups and downs but who's private life was unfortunately public for all to judge.
people who dont know her calling her a whore, people taking lyric's too literally.
by reggie June 16, 2003
A clumsy, uncoordinated dumbass who can't do ANYTHING right. The equivalent of a fuck-up.
Urkel is an example of a bungler, tripping over everything, before he became Stefan and shit.
by Reggie June 30, 2004
Also known as Blue Falcon in military slang.
"Someone pissed all over the stall and the walls, and now I've gotta clean it up! Bunch of Blue Falcons around here!"
by Reggie June 24, 2004
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