Stands for Crazy Eyed Whore.
One who at no cost plans to ruin your life. One who lies at all costs, and has extremly disgusting hair, also very easy to laugh at. Possible the worst speices of them all. Infact you could say they are not even humnan, as they dont act like humans, they dont shower, dont shave, dont have any sence of humour. Laugh like retarded whore! (:
"CazCaz, Look at that CEW standing over there"

"MicMic, well done for using that codename, we wouldnt want our friends knowing our deep hatred for that disgusting CEW"

"Too right, Too bloody right"
by Mic Mic Or Something July 14, 2008
Top Definition
of extremely extreme coolness. aka radically groovy
yo that kid jason pape is so cew in his ninja turtle outfit!!
by Squeak little Bitch November 08, 2006
CEW is an acronym for Cross Eyed Willie. Usually the name of a pompos arrogant person with delusions of grandure.
CEW is a religious bore.
by Deebo February 10, 2005
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