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5 definitions by Deebo

Spanish: The spanish word for cousin.
Someone of no relation who
maintains close friendship
with his/her friend.
Tiger's my primo, I can say somthin', I can say somthin'
by deebo May 07, 2004
91 85
A guy who is always talking about peckers. Not necessarily gay but it does make one wonder.
Johnny Penis is the undisputed office expert on dicks.
by DeeBo December 31, 2012
5 0
Indecisive, Unsure
Quit being profic, and pick a place to eat already!!
by Deebo April 02, 2004
2 0
CEW is an acronym for Cross Eyed Willie. Usually the name of a pompos arrogant person with delusions of grandure.
CEW is a religious bore.
by Deebo February 10, 2005
1 38
Cascia Hall. A gay school intended to prepare students for college while in reality creating a community of rich kids.
Kasey goes to a prep school
by Deebo December 27, 2003
50 155