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Spanish: The spanish word for cousin.
Someone of no relation who
maintains close friendship
with his/her friend.
Tiger's my primo, I can say somthin', I can say somthin'
by deebo May 07, 2004
A guy who is always talking about peckers. Not necessarily gay but it does make one wonder.
Johnny Penis is the undisputed office expert on dicks.
by DeeBo December 31, 2012
Indecisive, Unsure
Quit being profic, and pick a place to eat already!!
by Deebo April 02, 2004
CEW is an acronym for Cross Eyed Willie. Usually the name of a pompos arrogant person with delusions of grandure.
CEW is a religious bore.
by Deebo February 10, 2005
Cascia Hall. A gay school intended to prepare students for college while in reality creating a community of rich kids.
Kasey goes to a prep school
by Deebo December 27, 2003
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