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a betting game you play with dice. the object is to role a 4-5-6
Like shootin' Celo, and always hittin' head cracks" -- A Tribe Called Quest (Low end theory)
by Alisha05 July 09, 2005
- someone who is a great friend, generally brazilian, funny, attractive, loves to have a great time. someone who has values, someone whos strong (physically and emotionally) , someone who dreams big, and has a good hard and nice eyes *)
- o brasileiro mais fodastico!
Who's that guy with all the girls around him?

must be a célo ..
by jkinha_eua September 11, 2011
celo (SELLO) as in "The act of staring vacantly at one's cell phone" Celo
That dude in the elevator was in celo mode all the way up!
by kmages April 24, 2014
When you say or do something so weird or so stupid that words cant even explain what just happened.
"Hey Ryan whats up?"

"Nothing accept the sky, but the real question is, what's down?"
"What? Celo?
by countryboi87 June 14, 2010
pack made out of sri lankans. they tink they mad gangsta jus cuz most of them wear bootleg shit, known to gang up on russian girls and fuck them up the ass

also known for jumping you for no apparent reason
u dont need no efing' example, bitch..what you looking at...u think ur funny..

*comes toward you in pack*
by hells bellz April 18, 2003
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