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a cuss word invented in the 12th century. one of the first "bad" words to be thought up in the history of all language. telling someone "ceen" basically means back off assfuck leave me alone go away.
Ceen you Charlie Richards!
Why dont you go Ceen?
by Hi Crena July 29, 2009
17 7
cool, just cool.
He's so ceen!
by howesey November 13, 2003
19 11
A slang word describing an individuals lack of motivation or enthusiasm to do something.

It is underused by gangster teens with the combined I.Q of infinite Einsteins.

The word is now used as a proclamation of one's loss of conformity and descent into awesomeness.

The word has metamorphosed, now breaking basic grammar.

New variations include: cins, what the ceens, what the jeens
gangster teen no.1: i think i like insert persons name

gangster teen no.2: What the ceens?

gangster teen no.3: man i should do this homework but im so ceens

random loser: perhaps you should get off this facebook 'ceens' group and do the work you idiot
by h2rboiz June 16, 2009
4 6
When you agree on something;Good shit, good stuff, cool, nice, ill.
This club is ceen. That girl grinding and bumping on me last night was ceeeen still.
by viet_03 November 11, 2007
5 10
it means i understand wot you're chattin bout
like u say no dats tommys mum (like cos im a bit confused) and i get it so i say "CEEN!"
by breadbin October 30, 2003
7 13