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Appropriate slang in reference of city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Are you hitting up that Stampede ho-down in Cdot?
by Cowgarian August 12, 2011
Alternative name for Copenhagen - the Capital of Denmark
Me be going to da C-Dot this week, me gotz to do the ill partying with da fine Danish chickz!
by Mr Denmark January 06, 2007
An acronym for Collingwood, Ontario, based on the popular acronym for Toronto (T-Dot).
Person 1: You wanna party in C-Dot tonight?
Person 2: No, I don't want to go to the bingo hall.
by Matt November 13, 2004
it is a name for someone who is called courtney, it means the are cool in the hood like a gangster, or they want to be from london.
never write the dot as a '.' it has to be spelt in caps.

any courtney can be gangster with C.DOT
whats your name?


mannnn what a cool your real name courtney?

yeah but am a ganagster so am C.DOT YEAHHH?
by irishlianneandcourts November 09, 2011
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