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meaning pin money, cash in hand, readily available funds
1) A group of friends are just finishing a meal at a restaurant. The bill comes and Ed, finding himself a bit short on funds (and math skills), catches a buddy's eye and says, "Psst, cc man?" The pal can then slip him a couple bills without poor Ed looking the loser once again!

2) The word cc can also be uttered to opt out of an activity that you cannot afford without having to admit that you are broke, have a crappy job and should have listened to your parents and gone to a real college instead of taking that correspondence course from "The Typewriter Repair Institute." In this situation, just clearing your throat, slightly shaking your head from side to side (as in shaking your head "no" - but with a neater and more refined motion) while speaking "cc" will say it all. (And in such a dignified form!)

It also comes in handy when you are the person in charge of purchasing items for others, but each person is paying for only himself. Ex: you have reached the ticket dude at the movie theater and are being handed the tickets for yourself and a friend. However, the friend has not given you her money so that you may complete the transaction. A simple "Julie, cc?" and a gentle nod (indicating "hey you cheap SOB-fork over some dough.") will be all the reminder Julie needs to..."fork over the dough so you can pay the guy and not miss the movie trailers or the cartoon!” Ok, nuf said.
by PJLalala October 20, 2005
6 69
stands for Crowd Control. used in MMOs when you stop mobs from attacking you. A type of ability, or character role meaning when attacking a group at least one mob is unable to attack
zulah will CC when we hit groups of mobs
by joe ben-avie December 18, 2005
642 365
Carbon Copy, derived from the once used method of creating copies when typing using carbon paper for the additional copies. Now used for the addresses of additional e-mail recipients (Cabon Copies of the original message).
A long and complicated email trail with dozens of CC's discussing a situation almost none of the recipients cares about.
by Dave, Esq. June 21, 2005
455 339
Adj. A young female who possesses unparalled hottness and unmatched athletic ability; mainly in the sport of basketball. Can also refer to a vegetarian.
That Sierra is quite a C.C.
by Napoleon D. May 02, 2005
71 38
c'c stands for cute couple. mostly used on Facebook statuses when people have nothing better to do than tell others who they make a cute couple with.
lms for a c'c

(whoever liked the status's wall) c'c: James Collin

c'c:Samantha Nelson

They are such a c'c !!!! <'3
by kzdfngsdniofnb February 06, 2012
20 9
cubic centimeters of course.
Can refer to the volume of an engine.
by Professor July 29, 2004
269 262
Canadian Club whiskey, not to be confused with a hockey stick, another form of Canadian club.
I went and got a mickey of C.C. and drank it in one shot.
by Weens September 10, 2005
25 22
C.C. was developed by a group of friends and means Cute Chubby. The term refers to a girl that is a little on the chubby side, but yet very attractive; Despite the weight, she is still stunning.
Damn, that girl is a C.C.
by stateshadow January 09, 2014
3 2