another acronym for cross country
our tshirts say smoky hill cc
by joe April 10, 2005
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stands for Crowd Control. used in MMOs when you stop mobs from attacking you. A type of ability, or character role meaning when attacking a group at least one mob is unable to attack
zulah will CC when we hit groups of mobs
by joe ben-avie December 18, 2005
Carbon Copy, derived from the once used method of creating copies when typing using carbon paper for the additional copies. Now used for the addresses of additional e-mail recipients (Cabon Copies of the original message).
A long and complicated email trail with dozens of CC's discussing a situation almost none of the recipients cares about.
by Dave, Esq. June 21, 2005
Adj. A young female who possesses unparalled hottness and unmatched athletic ability; mainly in the sport of basketball. Can also refer to a vegetarian.
That Sierra is quite a C.C.
by Napoleon D. May 02, 2005
c'c stands for cute couple. mostly used on Facebook statuses when people have nothing better to do than tell others who they make a cute couple with.
lms for a c'c

(whoever liked the status's wall) c'c: James Collin

c'c:Samantha Nelson

They are such a c'c !!!! <'3
by kzdfngsdniofnb February 06, 2012
cubic centimeters of course.
Can refer to the volume of an engine.
by Professor July 29, 2004
Canadian Club whiskey, not to be confused with a hockey stick, another form of Canadian club.
I went and got a mickey of C.C. and drank it in one shot.
by Weens September 10, 2005
The so popular and classy "Cheers'C*nt!", started in the Sydney suburbs not by locals but international students.
Following that the classic GC = Gay C*nt or DC = Dopey C*nt appeared
Widely used by waiters and bartenders in order to stay classy in front of customers while paying the utmost respect to colleagues (like little code names if you may).

Also sounds like the "si, si" used by Frenchies, Italiens or Spanians in their respective languages.
Matt- "mate, can you give me your tray for a sec?"
Dan- "there you go..."
Matt- "CC"
by tunetune November 19, 2013

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