Cunty Bitch Tits. Any asshole with flapping boobies.
"That fat fuck has some C.B.T.s!"

"Tell that C.B.T. to put the donut down."
by Kornish November 04, 2007
Like a chinese finger trap, only sexual. CBT, chinese ball trap. A man puts one ball in the vagina and one in a girls ass. The only way out is to pinch together, like a finger trap. Common title is CBT.
I did a cbt with my girlfriend last night.
by joe ballin' July 12, 2010
Casual Ball Tap. Usually between two males, after the initial CBT a grudge may last until one of them can't take the pain any longer.
Yo man, I just CBT'd Gabe. I only did it because I wanted to date Beth. Now he's on the ground in pain.
by m rob January 31, 2007
standing for: captain black tooth. A girl who lives on a boat, has a chipped tooth as black as the plague, and is very smelly, often smelling of motorbikes and dirt, mixed with mould and damp!! otherwise known as twt, tit wank tina.
if you are ever in the boat yard in saltford watch out, if you get a wiff of motorbike oil, damp/mould, or if you feel yourself being fondled..... its her the cbt, she will either try to eat you, have intercourse with you, or just chat alot of shit and lie through her back tooth, until you die of boredom, or pass out from the smell!!
by cocktail_queen September 27, 2007
Current Big Thing. The best in any sport today. Preferably professional wrestling, but open to MMA as well. Mainly answers to CBT, or Tha CBT, but may also answer to Innovator of Innovation and countless self-righteous terms
"CBT's an innovator, but he tends to rant."
by Al Chemist April 10, 2007
certified ball tickler
An Example is Jason's sister from P-WAY
by nig please August 26, 2004
Cigarette Beer Truck Man
If you like to smoke cigarettes, drink beer, and drive a truck especially a Ford 150 at the same time then you are a Cigarette Beer Truck Man!

German/Deutsch: ZBL Mann
Zigarette Bier Lastwagen Mann
Wenn du Rauchst gerne, Bier geniesst, Lastwagen magst (besonderes 'ne Ford F-150) und du machst sehr oft was ich gerade gesagt habe, dann bist du einen Zigarette Bier Lastwagen Mann!
Ah scheiße! Es ist den Zigarette Bier Lastwagen Man!

That stupid CBT Man!
by nimbys_suck March 11, 2005

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