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5 definitions by KuroiShi

a UNIX term, for "#!". A contraction of the "hash" -- "#", and the "bang" -- "!"
by KuroiShi October 20, 2003
A homeless, usually transient, sometimes stationary gutterpunk. Scumfucks differ from other street punks in that they are characterized by being drunken raucous assholes. Scum fuck is sometimes used as a derogatory term, but most scum fucks are proud to be scum fucks.
I went to get some cheeba in Golden Gate park and those scum fucks ripped me off again.
by kuroishi December 22, 2006
A perfectly round circle of baldness on ones head. See also: Baldesac, and Horseshoe.
Poor Jon J. is bringing back the reverse yamuke.
by KuroiShi January 03, 2009
A dumb little RMS worshiping cunt. Ex-host of the CCCPR show.
CCCPR used to be cool, and hacnslash is the man. Then Elimist talks about his alien love rituals with HURD. Now it sucks.
by KuroiShi December 14, 2004
Acronym for Classic Battle Tech
I busted out mah' Atlas and busted a Clan-ERPPC in that bitchass nigga's ass when we was playin' CBT.
by KuroiShi February 03, 2005