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can't be arsed. used when you really cant be bothered to do something proposed to you.
also a foolproof excuse to get you out of any social event you really dont want to attend.
matey: ere m8 you comin dan the club
matey2: nar m8 cba
matey: fair nuff m8

by Dougm8 March 21, 2007
406 164
Can't Be Arsed. Unwilling to expend energy on the task in hand. May be used more generally in reference to the state of mind where nothing at all seems remotely worth doing.
"Yeah, it's due tomorrow morning, but I've got the cba."
by marcata August 10, 2003
675 299
Can't be arsed
I can not be arsed to do all that work.
by Mjolklarse April 11, 2003
516 251
Stands for "Cant Be Arsed". A term used by youth to show lazyness or unwilling need to do a job or task.
I cba to call her tonight
by Arcadepunk July 26, 2007
245 124
A condition affecting amateur wordsmiths who cannot be bothered to see if an entry has already been made to Urban Dictionary before adding nothing new.
Look. Someone added a sixty-third entry for blunt. They must have CBA.
by OGRastamon April 24, 2010
130 60
Can't be arsed. Too busy/too lazy to do something.
still, i really cba to do all the bindings, so if someone knows c and wants to be helpful, it'd be useful if they could do that
by cactusbin February 26, 2008
122 75
C B A stands for cant be arsed.
for example
"u wana come down the shops??"
"nah C B A"
by Lofty-64 April 18, 2007
37 23