Short version or Nickname for the Toronto Raptor's PF, Chris Bosh. Given the nickname by The first letter in each of his first and last name followed by his number (4)
For the dumbasses out there,
C hris
B osh
CB4 With the sick wicked and nasty dunk!
by krisp March 30, 2005
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An early 90's movie with Chris Rock which struck blows against the identity of gangsta rap and studio thugs (especially N.W.A.) While CB4 was a fictitious group made up solely for the movie, their music isn't bad, including Sweat From My Balls and Straight Outta Locash (a parody on N.W.A.'s Straight Outta Compton).
CB4 the muthafuckin house...
Yeah Gusto's in the muthafuckin house wit my nigga Dead Mike
by Tucker Huth January 31, 2005
Short for The NBA's Raptors forward Chris Bosh
CB4 does it again!!!!!!!!!
by LIL PUN March 09, 2005
CB4 is a pseudonym for "cockblock". Friends do not CB4 friends, unless the woman is over 300 pounds or is a man. The term can be used in public settings.
"I had this chick down to her underwear, when Mort walked in a CB4'd me."
by Daniel Nathaniel December 23, 2008

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