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HRIS stands for Human Resource Information System. This is the name given to a system (now usually a software) that contains database of the employees. This software is used to manage Human Resources (employees) of a company by its Human resource Department.

It is also called Talent Management System, Performance Management System
1. An example of HRIS software is Empxtrack. its website is http://www.empxtrack.com.
2. Another example of HRIS is Taleo. http://wwww.taleo.com
3. Another example is Successfactors http://wwww.successfactors.com
by Gireesh Kumar Sharma February 04, 2008
Head Related Incident.

Any incident caused by getting head in your vehicle whilst in the driver seat.
I have no idea what happened man, i think she was like kneeling on the floor in front of the seat, my arm was over her head and when she sat up i burned a hole in the seat with my cigarette, Total head related incident.

- hah, a fucking H.R.I.
by Ghost. September 03, 2007