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a girl or a man whose ass as been ravaged again and again and again

the asshole is so big now that you can put a champagne bottle in it
A: Dude, man ! what's wrong with you today?
B: I've fucking been cave-assed last night, can't walk properly anymore.

Look at that cave-ass, only Marvin didn't get to ride her!
by carakoker July 23, 2009
1)Having chaffed asshole. When you have wiped your ass a lot, mostly during diarrhea, and you ass has become extremely dry or chaffed.

2)The feeling of having wiped with pine straw.
Cave man 1: Why is Bob walking funny?
Cave man 2: Oh, he has diarrhea and he ran out of leaves so he had to use pine straw to wipe, so he has Cave Ass.
Cave man 1: HAHAHA!
by Raadfud February 26, 2012
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