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Hooking up with an overweight woman.
I think Dave caught the Swine Flu last night. He's not usually a pig farmer but I saw him leaving the bar with a big girl.
by TCII September 09, 2009
What happens when someone hooks up with an overweight person on a one-night stand.
Aaron: "Did you see that porker Howard just left with?"

Becky: "Yeah, he's caught the swine flu."
by mightytink August 20, 2009
Liking or hooking up with an ugly or fat bitch.
"Damn did u see that fat bitch John took home last night?" "Yeah, i think he Caught the Swine Flu"
by fullfire0 August 20, 2009
used as a way to make fun of a friend for hooking up with an overweight person
So and So caught the swine flu last night
by Bacaron April 28, 2009

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