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the talk directed at a cat, usually your own. Of course the only word they understand is their name.
1. I had a catversation the other day with Felix: 'Aww Felix! What's that in your mouth? A lizard? Oh, aren't you a good hunty cat! Miaow? Do you want some din-dins baby?'
by pugganutta January 09, 2010
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A conversation held with a cat. Often an action done by someone quite lonely and therefore with no one else to talk to, but also possible to be done by a person who talks to much (i.e. likes to hear their own voice).
Alastair: Where's Mary?
Barnaby: She's at her house having a wonderful catversation with fluffy.
Alastair: Why are we even friends with such a loser?
by Catversationalist July 23, 2009

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