1 cattle equals $100. It usually costs $100 to buy a baby bull calf and so a cattle is $100. 1 Benjamin equals a cattle. One hundred federal reserve notes equals a 'cattle'. Got some cattle? = got some money? Cattle= sweet moolah.
one hundred dollars equals one cattle.
If you say "cattle r out" means whatever you're going to do will take alot of money.
by silverfire February 03, 2010
Severely fat, obese, rowdy, loud, pushy, repulsive, obnoxious, nasty, gorilla type woman or women. Derived from West Indian slang.
Oh, that's cattle coming, make some room.
by Ilovecattles August 10, 2016
a cow that does physical labor
That cattle just carried Allie across the farm, it must be strong.
by lexibird May 07, 2011
to get the true point across ......cattle ...defined...the masses..also known as the general public the ones who think as a group move as a mass think in one purpose attack as one with no intell they look like they have just one thought and act on the same reason..... no free will just follow the minions and the masses attack as a group if you were in a field ... with the cattle you would see they stare hard looking like you have no reason ...but you see they just have a blank stare...but you knoww they have one thought to bring a clear plan to bring you to the level of the herd and you can stare right back but ........with that brings the def of my point they come in waves and in insigficant thought ...but hopefully you will see the facade a realize the pattern and overcome as though you walk through the stupidity you shall take a stance and take a stand walk past the herd and smile and break free ......life is not life without free will ....dont fall
i was in pure thought ....but i was confronted by the whole and they stared hard but i was able to see the there flow and to see how they roll it was the same blank stare and i caught the plan it was to make me the same but they failed they tryed and failed so i learned cattle are the general pop and ive been enlightend btw also known as the sheep ...........
by matthew aka blueshoes January 04, 2008
from th3 latttin word CATTLOSE which of course refers to jewish slaves that helped build pyramids. Th3 term cattle refers to the very same jewish slaves.
Shit nigga, get them cattles outta my crib.
by king henry the 69th June 03, 2009
To gather up; to cattle
Boo, my smarties spilt! Go cattle 'em up for me, boy!
by Fool February 12, 2004
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