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being fake, fronting, bull shitting, leading on, or any instance where ones actions dont mesh with previous actions or words.
Person A: What happened after the party?
Person B: Man ole girl was on me all night then switched up and went home, females be catin.


Person A: Did he ever call you back like he said he would?
Person B: Nope. He must have forgot brody's a cat.


Person A: I was gonna pay him back... but I ended up picking up instead. XD
Person B: Ha, you need to quit catin.
smoking ones medical cannabis.
prop 215 and sb 420 compliant, of course.
niko: aw dude you forgot my ipod again bro?

me: oh sorry, i been catin (medicating) too much. *feminine voice
by will smith ~ big willie style March 22, 2010
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