When something is very unexpected and awesome
So I pulled this girls panties down and she had two vaginas!! Fucking Catalina Wine Mixer!
by Dude with two dicks August 03, 2008
A Helicopter expo from the film 'Step Brothers'. Also known as the 'Fucking Catalina Wine Mixer'.
I bought 3 helicopters at the Catalina Wine Mixer!
by PoppaBear May 03, 2009
The sexual act of inserting 3 or more red grapes into the vaginal canal and using your penis to juice the grapes into a liquid state for consumption afterward. Once fully mixed a hardy POW is yelled to signify completion.
Last night during a sensual evening Jordan suggested to Ashley that they should have a Catalina Wine Mixer.
by Baby_Belly_69 May 29, 2010

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