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when the shaft of a mans weiner is hairy
dude u have a cat tail
by big balls May 15, 2003
When a man wakes up and finds his erection protruding from the front pocket of his FTL's.
Dude, I woke and didn't know my cat tail was showing through my FTLs,Jan saw it, so she sucked my cock.
by PooBone October 18, 2013
long skinny breasts, usually unbraed ,hanging breasts
please put a bra on those cattails!
by darose February 04, 2010
A cat tail is a piece of dookie that has fallen just right so that it lands sticking straight up out of the toilet bowl water.
Joe: Oh man, that burger I ate last night plopped down like a big cat tail this morning!

Kate: Ew, gross!
by vanevery May 17, 2010
When you laugh so hard that you can not control your self, and you roll around on the ground in pain but you can't stop laughing no mattrer how hard you try.
Man I went cattail the other day.When Bob got sacked and fell off the deck!
by jonny slim June 23, 2005
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