to be stalked upon a jasper
"Theres this kid named jasper following me"
"Oh my gawd! I think that you're being cassed!"
"No, you have only 5 seconds to survive"
by Rabbi010 December 08, 2006
A fat person who loves Ice cream more than getting laid.
Man, all that guy does is eat his chunky monkey ice cream and doesnt want to get laid, what a dumb cass.
by Rav3n March 02, 2008
Another word how to say a "dumb person"...
(Also known as "coss" in other places)

This is a verb so it also can be found as "cassa / cassi", meaning "she is dumb / they are dumb"

This word originated from a unique language - called the goozitan language...

"cass" is mostly used by youngsters, and not so popular with older people.
"Kristu!! kem int coss" (Gesus!! your so dump)

"Dude, you are a cass! start acting like a normal person"
by |[Vip]|Kris September 06, 2006
the biggest piece of shit living on the face of the earth, usually likes girls with names, lisa, nicole, karly, mostly jennifers though
did you see that fat motherfucker walk by i swear it was a cass
by snowboarder85dickfaget January 10, 2009
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