Citizens Against Street Hoodlums
C.A.S.H.-Citizens Against Street Hoodlums are citizens against street hoodlums, scumbgs, dirtbags, gangs and all other criminals. We report crime to the proper authorities.
by C.A.S.H. November 08, 2010
awesome, sick, praise-worthy
The way he bitched that chick out was so cash; Shit's so cash; Thats fuckin cash
by the spreadah of cheddah May 29, 2009
(v) To empty out a bowl of spent marijuana from a pipe or bowl piece.
Hey, this tastes like shit. Think you could cash this pipe so I can pack another bowl?
by snowridah June 20, 2009
In smoking terms, this is the alternate definition of 'cash'. To cash is to rekindle a bowl pack using the bottom cusp of a lighter, or any other object that suits the job.
Cash that shit. You'll get it two more hits.
by stnfcd January 02, 2014
another word for weed got its roots in Maryland because when ever its sold you get cash
Consumer:yo got cash we got a big party tonight
Seller:yeah $10 a dime(1oz.)
by money_maker December 04, 2011
Crazy Awesome Sex Hacks.
An adjective describing anyone who can easily "get it."
Damn, that ho got C.A.S.H.
by cash flower March 19, 2008
niggerspeak for money. also see monies
"Yo, foo, how much cashes does you be gotten?"
by Dan March 31, 2005

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