A sweetheart with a hard outer shell.

He might act like he's not a softy, but when he's alone with his girl, all of it shows. He's not afraid to show his friends how much he loves the one he's with.

He has a big heart, takes his time falling in love, but when he does fall in love, it's the most real thing ever witnessed.

He does his up-most best to please his girl, and always wants her to be happy.

Easy to fall in love with, easy to get along with.
Casey. . .I thank God for you everyday.
by Jaxy.(: April 10, 2011
The other half of my heart! The best part of my day everyday! <3 Someone who is kind, brave, sexy, and funny. Has amazing eyes, a great body, and is capable of love! Someone to call my knight <3 A man who's their all the time and will catch me if I fall! A man who loves me for me and wont mind falling harder everyday! <3
Casey Cox all day everyday!
by The other half<3 October 24, 2011
The best boyfriend you will ever have. He has eyes that you will just get lost in, lips you're just dying to kiss, and his smiled will just melt your heart. He is funny and will make you laugh whether you want to or not. He will definitely make you feel special every moment you're together.
Girfriend: *Laugh* Casey you're so funny and sweet!
by Anabelle Skydancer July 09, 2011
A loving and openly caring girl who will never cease to amaze, gorgeous from top to bottom and someone who you can tell everything to, she's perfect and Casey makes the most bewildering girlfriend known to existence, you'll have so many incredible memories with her even if it's the little things like looking up at the stars and seeing the sequence of stars that create the Big Dipper and you might forget the first piece of grass you sat on with her but those stars will always be there just like Casey, if you ever need her or miss her, she'll be there for you through thick and thin, she'll make you feel something you've never felt before, she doesn't lie, she's loyal and she's faithful, beautiful in more ways than they're are stars in the sky, so easy to fall in love with, someone that you will want to hold onto because you won't know what you've lost when she's gone and she's not to be messed with but she's funny and cute, one of the sweetest people you'll meet in your whole life that never stops surprising you with something new and great, you'll always have something to talk about with Casey and those special moment in life that create the most heartfelt memories will always be more amazing with Casey...when you look at her, you won't be able to stop smiling and she had the most gorgeous eyes, Casey will turn your world upside down and spin it around but I promise you, after you've met her, you won't want your life any other way..
Casey 'You see them stars up there?'
Me 'Yeah'
Casey 'Those ones up there make the Big Dipper'
Me 'Oh yeah, I see them now, and if your ever alone and need me but I can't be with you in person, look to the stars because I'll look to those stars every night because they remind me of you, if we look at them then we're looking at the same sky, the same stars and it brings us closer together'

Casey 'Awwwh! I love you so much! :') '
by Roo19961996 October 29, 2013
The best FAVOURITE you could ever get!

More favourite than a few people in school.


A wonderful friend who is sitting beside me right now, wow!
casey, Your the best favourite!
by Favourite. November 03, 2010
The nicest, funniest, cutest, and dorkiest boyfriend in the world. He's definitely a tough guy but doesn't hesitate to do everything to make his significant other happy and put a smile on her face at all times. He has a super hot pompadour and he's in a rad band and allllllllll of the girls want him but he has his eyes and heart set on one girl.
Guy: Babyyyy I love you you're the peanut butter to my jelllllly, I never want to lose you.
Guy: Man I hate Casey i'll never live up to his legacy.
by meowmeeeooowww November 23, 2010
An amazing girl, she's pretty and funny. She is very sarcastic, but most of the time it's in a good way. If she's fighting with a friend, she can't go to sleep without fixing the problem. She always worries about everything and she tihnks A LOT. Mostly she over-thinks a lot of things, and that makes her worry more. She has many feelings, but never really expresses them. If you piss her off, she WILL be a bitch, but she always finds some way to make you forgive her. She can't stand people being mad at her, so she tries her hardest to make everyone happy with her. Over-all, she's pretty awesome..but it will take a long time for you to earn her trust.
"Wow, that girl won't tell me anything!"
"You have to earn her trust first.."
"Oh, her name must be Casey. She's pretty too!"
by Jon Tuyuperus October 01, 2011
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