Cascade is an area in south west Atlanta Georgia A.K.A The S.W.A.T.S where part of the movie ATL was filmed.Cascade is home to many great rap artest and groups including Dem Franchise Boys, Ludacris,and T.I. The S.W.A.T.S are composed of four main places which are Cascade, College Park, Adamsville, and Ben Hill. Young Joc is from College Park.
An example is "Or bustin' massive 'round some S.K.
My last trip to A-T-L I fucked yo' cascade"-Ludacris' Go 2 Sleep song
Or,"Hey wanna go to Cascade with me?"
by Matt Tyler August 08, 2006
Top Definition
Something falling or rushing forth in quantity like a cascade of sound.

Cascade can also be combined with "Cadence" to form the word "Cascadence" which implies a forceful rush of musical sound; also the name of a New Jersey based pop/rock band.
"The music was so powerful that it felt like a cascade of sounds."
by Cassie B February 02, 2010
To have something fall uncontrollably around you and create a mess.
When I eat a cappuccino muffin at my desk, it never fails that I get cascaded by the crumbs and the powdered sugar!
by pentozali April 04, 2013
The act of forwarding an email to a group of people, which in turn is forwarded to another group of people causing the information in the email to be viewed by a rapidly increasing number of people. Similar to the effects of viral video activity on the internet.
The information in this email is confidential. Please don't cascade it to other member of the club.
by earlysnowdrop October 17, 2012
opposite of a jofa(butterface). a hockey helmet with great protection and looks good, but has little to no equipment. which would be a great face and a terrible bod.
damn that girl is hott
no man shes a cascade.
by mikeymaz9418 July 23, 2009
The unbridled act of shooting one's semen (via ejaculation) onto a woman's breast and letting it trickle down on the lower regions of her anatomy.
Terry let it be known that she preferred that her boyfriend perform a cascade on her instead of risking the chance of accidental pregnancy.
by Terry July 12, 2004
An act of cheating in World of Warcraft. It is used to make subpar guilds appear to be on par with other guilds that are actually guild.
Wow that guild called Deemed Inappropriate sure does cascade a lot. They are a bunch of noobs.
by Incarnate September 01, 2005
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